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Floorcare machines

Machines Bomac

Thanks to the BOMAC "Rent All" formula you sleep soundly. BOMAC "Rent All" is a total solution for any cleaning organization. For a fixed monthly fee, you always have a young machine, only the actually passed on used operating hours of your machine are charged and change flexibly of gear if your job requires a different type. As a scrubber is not an investment or write-off anymore and reduce your hidden costs significantly.

Machines Nilfisk

Nilfisk has been more than 100 years one of the greatest products in the world of professional cleaning equipment. The product range includes a complete range of high-quality cleaning machines that increase productivity at the customer and reduce cleaning costs. For over 10 years we are a premium partner in the Benelux and we offer a complete range of Nilfisk vacuum cleaners, scrubber (suction) machines, sweepers and carpet cleaners.

Machines Comac

The Italian COMAC produces a wide range of cleaning equipment for indoor and outdoor applications since 1974. COMAC machines are innovative, offer high performance and are used by cleaning companies, schools, public buildings, healthcare facilities, (food processing) companies, industry and other professional users.

Machines I-mop

The I-Mop is the biggest innovation in the cleaning world since the microfiber. This compact, highly manoeuvrable scrubber has the flexibility of a flat mop. The I-Mop has won numerous awards in various cleaning fairs and is a dream for any cleaner.


The "service team" of BOMAC consists of 14 skilled employees and is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of your machinery. We are equipped with fully equipped service vehicles for rapid intervention (within 24 hours) and feature a state of the art workshop. With prolonged repairs we have a replacement available.